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Prior to commissioning Molotov our company’s overall focus on social media was marginal and sporadic. Engaging Molotov has helped us to set in place a professionally organised posting and follow up schedule to showcase the beautiful content that we have invested so heavily in collecting over the years.
By investing the time to initially identify our brands demographic, all of our marketing campaigns have become highly targeted which in turn has led to a far greater return on our marketing dollar. Within the first 12 months we have seen exponential growth across most of our social channels primarily Facebook and Instagram with our Instagram follower base growing from 1,000 to 8,000 genuine followers (regularly verified) whilst our average reach on posts has more than tripled.
Molotov has provided our company with a cost effective method to rapidly expand our audience, launch our new and exciting products to our ever growing database of clients and increase our companies brand awareness. We can now clearly track the benefits of healthy social media channels when properly handled by a skilled manager.
With the continued help and expertise of David and his team, I believe we are well on our way to creating a more established, genuine and organic audience which will future proof and benefit our organisation in years to come.


May 2017

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