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How We Work

Business process

Step 1: The Discovery Meeting

The first, and what we consider to be the most important step of the process is learning about your company. Without a thorough understanding of what you do, and why you do it, we cannot accurately represent you online.

We take the time to get to know you – with a fact-finding meeting, or what some like to call a “discovery meeting.” This is where we sit down and pick your brain, and ask all the right questions so that we have the information we need to complete the rest of the process.

Some companies will say that X amount of time is required, but for us, the discovery depends on the business. However, we have found that a solid hour of questions and answers usually does the trick – although some have been longer.

This phase will also include a branding questionnaire that we will provide you with before the meeting, which takes no longer than 30 minutes to fill out. We find it helpful to have in addition to our notes from the discovery meeting.

Step 2: Research

Ready to get excited? In this phase, we take the reins and do what we do best. Our team spends time researching your industry so that we are armed with the information we need to get the best results.

We will look at your biggest competitors, as well as your industry as a whole and craft a strategy that will get you the most significant ROI and help you achieve your objectives.

Some of the things included in this phase are:

  • Providing a list of platforms we know will help you best reach your goals
  • Putting together a content schedule for those platforms
  • Hashtags (for Twitter/Instagram, as needed)

During this step, our team will also create the necessary accounts (if required) and hook them up to our scheduling software so that we are ready to start as soon as Phase Four is complete.

If you already have accounts setup that you’ve been managing yourself, we will dive in and complete the social media audit at this stage, which will help us create your strategy in the next stage.

Step 3: Strategy Development

Now that the research has been completed it’s time for us to dive into strategy and create a fantastic plan that will help you reach your goals. During this stage, we will dive into our research and map out your strategy for the upcoming months. During this stage we will also outline audiences for any paid advertising that we have decided is necessary for your accounts.

Step 4: Content Creation + Scheduling

Now that all of the research is done it’s time to get to the fun part – creating all of your content. In this phase, our social media strategist will take all she has learned and create at least one month of content for you to review. All content is presented in an easy to read calendar, which will take you no more than a few minutes to review and approve.

The following things will be required before this step can be completed:

  • Writing of content (by our strategist)
  • Creation/collection of graphics (as needed)
  • Photography (if needed)
  • Create Ad Content

Once the content is written, and approved by you, it is sent off to our admin team and scheduled. This is also when we will iron out all details of paid advertising and start running campaigns as agreed upon by you (the client).

Step 5: Check-Ins + Milestones

The best part about a job well done is being able to prove it, which is why we love to celebrate achievements with our clients. As you pass each of the milestones we have laid out for you, you will receive notification and a “congrats” email – which will service as a reminder that we care, and are working hard.

Also, we like to make sure that we check in with each of our clients bi-weekly just to say hello and ensure you are happy – and don’t have any questions. This also allows us to update you on the status of your accounts, and ask any questions that WE may have about content, direction or anything else that comes up.


Our testmonials

Michael Burford
Company: Australian Dilapidations

David is one of the hardest workers I know. He is driven, dedicated to his work, a great communicator and extremely knowledgable in his field. He manages a great team who are willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done. It has been an honour working with David and I highly recommend his services!

Rany Obaidi
Company: Marblo
Designation: Managing Director

Prior to commissioning Molotov our company’s overall focus on social media was marginal and sporadic. Engaging Molotov has helped us to set in place a professionally organised posting and follow up schedule to showcase the beautiful content that we have invested so heavily in collecting over the years.
By investing the time to initially identify our brands demographic, all of our marketing campaigns have become highly targeted which in turn has led to a far greater return on our marketing dollar. Within the first 12 months we have seen exponential growth across most of our social channels primarily Facebook and Instagram with our Instagram follower base growing from 1,000 to 8,000 genuine followers (regularly verified) whilst our average reach on posts has more than tripled.
Molotov has provided our company with a cost effective method to rapidly expand our audience, launch our new and exciting products to our ever growing database of clients and increase our companies brand awareness. We can now clearly track the benefits of healthy social media channels when properly handled by a skilled manager.
With the continued help and expertise of David and his team, I believe we are well on our way to creating a more established, genuine and organic audience which will future proof and benefit our organisation in years to come.

Ellen Wilmink
Company: Oolaboo

Working together with David is a pleasure.
His knowledge has got an enormous value for our brand. Social media, branding and marketing have no secrets for him. His commitment is incredible, that is rather rare these days. The time difference between Australia and Holland is no problem at all, David is available when necessary, of which is really a privilege. Always happy to help, always having an advice and always a smile! He is dedicated to his job and the people he is working with and for. He gives more than he needs to do, his enthusiasm is amazing, always working with a lot of joy. Beside that David is driven to reach his goals and the goals the companies have he is working for.
He is honest and pure, he goes straight to the point and can explain exactly why, which i appreciate a lot. We are looking forward working with him on a long term.

Drew Staley
Company: Global Systems Intergrators

David has been a huge asset for us and his work has been exceptional. His creative thinking and marketing expertise has been invaluable in the development of our business. David took the time to develop a deep and firm understanding of our customers and target market and has really helped to empower our brand through social media. Davids biggest asset is his out of the box strategic thinking.


Our Clients

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