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About us

What makes Molotov different from all the other digital agencies out there?

Our Values:

We put honesty, innovation, passion, grit, and communication above all else. We do not want our clients to ever feel like they are “outsourcing” their work. We become an extension of their team and give the attention, dedication and responsiveness businesses deserve. This has allowed us to build long-term relationships with long-term strategies and growth in mind. We have 100% client retention – we don’t work with brands that aren’t passionate about their business and message.

Our Mission:

We establish unshakable client relationships with passionate companies by taking the time to learn the business of your business, identify the needs or your customers, and spot the opportunities in your industry. We aim to always empower brands through social media.

Our Vision:

We help our client’s businesses grow by educating instead of simply “doing.”

Where did the name Molotov come from?

We love this story, because we feel that it is very powerful, and sends an incredible message. Despite the somewhat aggressive nature of our name, it was chosen because of a very simple concept. You see, a Molotov cocktail is made from bare resources, all of which are combined to create a powerful (and explosive) tool.

When Molotov started, it was bootstrapped on hard work, determination, and most importantly, a deep understanding the consumers’ needs. It was built on bare resources that are nonetheless valuable and powerful. We understand the growing pains and barriers some businesses face, and we’re here to support you. Social media is not too different from the Molotov cocktail – it can be a powerful tool to empower businesses and share a message, even when resources are minimal; it can create an edge.

You see, sometimes even the most powerful things can be made of simple ingredients. Molotov was built with love, determination, and know-how – which we think are three essential ingredients for any good business!

We also believe that this same idea can be applied to other businesses which may not have the resources for traditional marketing. You see, social media is a catalyst for growth, and it has opened the doors for smaller companies to market to the masses in a way they never could before. Why? Because you don’t need money to make an impact on social media; you just need know-how, creativity, understanding, and passion to provide value. We understand every business has a voice but it’s often miscommunicated or not heard – and this is where Molotov comes in.

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